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Дата – 25.02.2021


PT2322 is a 6-Channel Audio Processor IC utilizing CMOS Technology specially designed for audio applications. 6-channel individual input, 6-channel master volume control, 6-channel individual volume trim control, 3-band tone control (treble, middle, and bass), mute function, 3D effect function, tone defeat function are all built into a single chip having the highest performance and reliability […]

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PT2323 is a 6-Channel Audio Selector utilizing CMOS Technology specially designed for Home Theater System. It provides a built-in 2-Channel to 6-Channel Translator, which can directly mix traditional stereo channel to simulate a 6-Channel audio output. Single power supply (9V), I2 C Bus Interface as well as very low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD < 0.005%) […]

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